Are you an active health insurance agent or owner of a small agency? If so, you may want to speak with us regarding the products we offer. We currently work with over 500 of the highest earning health insurance agents across the US.

Finally, An Agent Friendly Program!

  • Get paid higher commission by joining a network of Agents
    • ALL commissions are paid directly from the insurance carrier to the Agent
    • The Agent Owns his/her book of business
    • Insurance company bonuses are paid directly to the Agent
  • Agent can drop out of program at any time

Key Point: By forming a network of agents, each agent can get paid higher commissions, even though their personal production may not be the best in the country. We are looking for the Best Agents, not the Best Production….there is a big difference….

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Example: An agent actively sold short term medical for 2018, and the carrier they sold required 100 policies to get paid an extra 5% commission. Well, that 100 policies would probably be around $300,000 in annualized premium, so the agent may lose out on 5% or $15,000 of income. This agent could simply have worked with us and this loss of $15,000 would have been completely avoided………

  • The goal is to connect the Agent with higher commissions, while allowing them to remain owner of their business. Having all commissions paid directly from the insurance company to the Agent assures there is no middle man. This arrangement protects the agent from foolishly signing over their commissions or book of business to a third party.

Here is what we are NOT looking for….

  • New Agents who are trying to learn the insurance business
    • Why: We focus on getting money in the experienced agent’s pocket. We cannot afford to hire someone and train new agents.
  • Agents who are disgruntle and fed up with the industry.
    • Why: We view our platform as a service to good, quality agents. We do not tolerate disgruntle agents. Our goal is to spread wealth and happiness, not despair.
  • Agents who have a history of E and O claims.
    • Why: This program is about providing a platform for the educated, hard working agents. We work with agents who know their clients and match their clients with the right products.

Other Benefits of This Relationship:

  • We know exactly what to sell, how to sell, and where to sell.
  • Many agents are very busy and they need brought up-to-date on the ever changing individual health insurance industry, every year different products are being sold. Selling the right product is key to building a solid book of business.

How Did This Network Come to Be?

Michael Bennett created this network out of necessity. Back in 2007 the USPC program (United Select Producer’s Club) began for small shop health insurance agents. The program focused on the best health insurance agents in the country. Approximately 2,500 agents were allowed into the program. Every year the top 50 agents would attend a rewards trip to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. The USPC program ran for a decade, but ended in December 2017. Half of those years independent agent, Michael Bennett, was listed as the top producing agent in the country.

Over the years Michael Bennett met hundreds of agents and also served on advisory panels for carriers such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, HumanaOne, and numerous others. By 2014 many seasoned health insurance agents decided to abandon the under 65 health insurance marketplace and move on to Medicare or other products or simply retire.

By early 2017 a good amount of agents began reaching back out to Michael to check on the pulse of the industry. They also were looking for guidance on what to sell, and how he was profiting in the new world of health insurance. Sooner than later the question of commissions came up, and Michael realized his roll in the industry was changing. He saw an opportunity to unit independent agents and connect the grass root health insurance agent to the large call center commissions. A hundred plus agents later….and here we are today.

How can I join this program?

This program is offered on a case by case basis. The main concern is finding Quality Agents, who are also Friendly Agents. Fill out the brief invite form below and you will be contacted shortly.

I would like to learn more about this program, please send me an invite.